Create a healthy workspace

GuineaPig is a wellness center in Slack that helps your team stay healthy, happy and engaged.

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Build a healthy team culture

Promoting healthy habits for your team in Slack is now quicker and easier than ever.

Challenge your team

Participating in team challenges keeps your motivation up through support or competition.

Set personal goals

Creating personal goals helps you stay active, healthy, and productive throughout the day.

Get coaching

Chatting with an expert takes the guesswork out of improving your wellbeing.

Track and share activities

Tracking and sharing your healthy activities is a great way to get some cheers from your peers.

Launch your remote wellness center

Enterprise memberships also include:
Health and ergonomic assessments
Courses, newsletters and materials
Educational and motivational webinars
Live and on-demand exercise classes
Incentives and charity donations for participation
Engagement reports

Align your team and business goals

Improving your team's health cuts health care costs

60% reported that wellness programs reduced health care costs¹
38% of participants in wellness programs took less sick days²
67% lost weight in wellness programs³

Engaging your team boosts business productivity

202% better performance from managers with engaged teams
43% increase in productivity from engaged employees compared to non-engaged ones
45% higher adaptability to change from happy, more engaged workers
53% boost in motivation from employees at companies who support wellness

Create a healthy workspace